Torrid IR 9kw Flash Dryer 3PH

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Steventon Torrid Infa-Red 9kw Quartz Flash Units. This unit is so diversify that it can be used for Water base, plastisol and solvent base Inks.


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Our Steventon Torrid IR 9kw Flash Dryer are much diversified unit. This unit has been design to cater for almost every aspect of the screen print industry. It does not only flash cure Water base, Solvent Base or discharge inks, but it dries all solvent base inks in seconds which allows you to do multi-color work on ABS, Vinyl, chromadek steel, aluminum, and the list goes on, If you can make your substrate fit on your carousel it will most properly do the job.

Our Steventon Torrid IR 9kw Flash Dryer come standard with a 3 Zone heating selections, fitted with 6 Powerful electronically speed control fans, an electronic timer, and Solid State Electronic components. On top of this, it can be controlled via, manual push button as standard, or optional extra foot switch or optical sensor. With the unit’s low profile design, it can be used on any manual or most automatic carousels.  The solid steel structure is fitted on 4 wheels and is height adjustable up to 1m.

Our Steventon Torrid IR Flash Dryer are also very energy efficient. Most standard flash units stay on for the duration of the print job. Our Units only flashes for the seconds the timer has been set, saving you money on electricity, and also preventing scorching of material.

The flash time of the quartz units can be from as little as 3sec for solvent inks and around 8sec for plastisol inks. There is a few variables that is controlling time, like the size in KW of the unit, the type of inks you will be using, and also the substrate you will be printing on.

It’s available in 3 different sizes, 4kw unit, a 6kw unit and 9kw 3 phase unit.


  • Solid State Electronic components
  • Digital Timer
  • Special short wave quartz lamps for extremely fast heat up.
  • Electronically speed control fans keeps both flash cool and is ideal for water base inks and solvent base
  • Both convection and radiant heat transfer to pallets.
  • 3 Selectable heating “zones.”
  • Models available in 4000w -6000w and 9000w

Optional Extra: Foot switch, and optical sensor.


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