Steventon-6 Color Executive Auto Ready Plan

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1x  X-Print 6 “Six Color Six Station” Screen Printing Press (link)

1x TD 4510 IR Ceramic Dryer (link)

1x Vivid LED 1300 Exposure (link)

1x Torrid 6000 IR-Flash with Auto Sensor (link)

1x Digital Infra-Red Temperature Reader (link)


6x Steel 55x610mm 43T Screen (link)

6 x Aluminum Squeegee 32cm (link)

1x Emulsion Applicator Complete 40cm (link)

1x 5 Color Textile Pigment Set 500g / Color (link)

2x 1kg Table TAC Textile Adhesive (link)

2x 100ml Concentrate Screen Stripper -Makes 5L (link)

2x 5kg Clear Base (link)

2x 5kg Opaque Base Ink

2x 5kg White ETT/M (link)

2x 1kg Emulsion Dirasol 125 (link)

2x 5L Screen Wash

1x Box of 100 Accublack A3 Printing Film (link)



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