A3-1 Color-Industrial Starter Kit

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Discover the most comprehensive kit available for the best value. An incredible package guaranteed to help you have a kick start towards an amazing business opportunity. It’s convenient, easy and so safe even your kids can use it. It comes with a How-to Manual to download online and the essential items needed to get started.

Imagine not only printing but also bringing your own creative designs alive on a t-shirt, because it’s that easy, but why stop there? With this kit, you have the opportunity to expand your ideas by adding different screens and ink types that allows you to print on glass, wood, ABS, paper, steel, aluminum, and many more items!

And the best part is, It’s fun!



1x Junior-1 Industrial Screen Printing Press

1x Start-Up UV Exposure

1x Steel 55x610mm 43T Screen

1x Aluminum Squeegee 32cm

1x Emulsion Applicator Complete 40cm

1x Wooden Platen

Inks & Cleaners

1x 50ml Concentrate Emulsion Remover -Makes 2.5L

1x 100ml De-greaser Concentrate, Makes 2.5L

1x 1KG Black Water Base ink

1x 1KG White ETT/M Water Base ink

1x 0.5kg Table Tac

1x1kg Emulsion Dirasol 125


10x  Accublack A4 Printing Film

2x Latex Cloves

4x Mixing spatulas

1x Cleaning sponge

1x Exposure Calculator.

1x Roll masking Tape



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