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SA-Screen printers with MS-Engineering is a family owned business run and manage by Stephan and his wife Manda.

In 2014, we wanted to do some in house branding and screen printing seemed to be the most cost effective method to get work done. Our budget hit very early speed bumps when trying to import a world class screen printing press. This ultimately led us to build our own press.

What started off as a simple 1 color 1 station press soon grew to 4, 6 and 8 color presses with micro registration print-heads. Our advantage came in the form of 20 years of experience in the engineering, product development, manufacturing and automation industry, and after countless hours of more research and development our X-Print models was born. A flagship range, build to world class standards and features.

Our aim is to design and manufacture only the best equipment that are inspired by international market leaders, precisely constructed and available at affordable prices. On our journey we met some wonderful people, people a who shared their ideas and dreams with us. And threw this ideas and dreams we constantly developed new products, like our Torrid IR Quartz Auto Flash dryers, Torrid IR Conveyor dryers, VIVID LED exposure units.

Looking back over the years, we have created 7 brands and more than 38 individual products.

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